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Dark Explorers Paranormal

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What is Dark Explorers?

With over 27 years of Paranormal Experience, John.John Montelongo AKA "Spookiboi" created Dark Explorers Paranormal Team with the vision in mind of helping others battle the darker figures in the world. Jordyn Rodriguez stepped up to the plate in 2021 taking on the name of Dark Explorers Lead Researcher. The duo developed a close-knit team comprising of several other members around Central Texas. While their home is in Texas, this team travels internationally to help those in need. For their hard work and developments, Dark Explorers Paranormal Team became American Paranormal Magazine's Owly Research Team of the Year for 2022. This team is dedicated to going above and beyond to explain the unexplained.

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need Help?

Are you or someone you know struggling with something unexplained? Do you need help understanding your abilities? Or do you want to talk about having your home cleansed? 

Explore the Dark with us. 

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Jordan was extremely detailed in explaining what she saw and what she heard. She didn’t try to sugar coat things or make them seem as if they weren’t real. John was great on telling us the darker side of what was in our house. Their abilities are very different and give them the opportunity to provide people with real accounts of what is going on in locations. This was a huge help for our family, we can’t thank them enough.

Angel Quintana/ Jan. 2023

It was a relief to meet this team, not only knowledgeable but also very helpful. They were willing to sacrifice their own time to help my family and they made a huge difference. Highly recommend them.

Lorena De Leon / July 2022

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